Hotel Ilios

Pythagorion - Samos Island


Near the traditional village of Pythagorion, (only a few minutes walk - 1500 m) is the wonderful built and located Hotel Ilios. Pythagorio, the old town of Tigani, is the capital of the Municipality of Pythagorio. This beautiful graphic town, is ideal for staying during your holidays in the island of Samos. 

The port of Pythagorio, structured during the rule of Polikrates, is the oldest artificial port of Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays you will see thousands of yachts sailing there all year round. The Municipality of Pythagorio supplies yachts with fuel, electricity, water and telephone. It also provides information for the sites of the island, cultural events, local festivals and accommodation. Pythagorio has many accommodation units providing all comforts to its visitors. 

The port of Pythagorio is considered as the best spot in nightlife of Samos, as it has more than 60 taverns, bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs. Every morning hundreds of visitors sail from Pythagorio to the Coasts of Asia Minor and the ancient Greek Cities of Ionia. There are also daily excursions with the typical Greek boats (kaiki) to the isolated, but still amazing beaches of Samiopoula, Tsopela, Kako Rema, Kiriakou, Aspros Kavos and others. Amongst the graphic narrow paths of Pythagorio we find unique neoclassical buildings, the ruins of ancient Samos, the Square with the town hall, as and the archaeological collection of the town.